Access to broadband is essential, now more than ever, to keep pace with the global economy and prepare citizens to compete in the modern world. Easton Velocity will embark on a five-year project to provide broadband access to a substantial number of residents and businesses with insufficient service in Talbot County. Providing this critical infrastructure will positively impact numerous quality of life issues including employment, healthcare, education, and social connections and help drive economic prosperity. Easton Velocity, a service of Easton Utilities, is committed to keeping our community connected with fast, reliable internet service backed by local, knowledgeable Tech Support professionals and exceptional customer service.



The need for rural broadband has never been more apparent than it is now – as our nation manages the coronavirus national emergency. Access to telehealth services, remote learning for school children, and remote business operations all require access to broadband. I am so proud of our rural communities who have been working day in and day out, just like they always do, producing the food and fiber America depends on. We need them more than ever during these trying times, and expanding access to this critical infrastructure will help ensure rural America prospers for years to come.






What people are saying about us...


I am consistently impressed with the service and reliability of Easton Utilities. Speeds are consistently what you pay for and there is very little drop during peak hours. The money I spend on this service stays local and pays the salaries of local people which I believe in. Easton Utilities does not cap your internet usage, nor do they purposely slow you down like other internet service providers do. When I call for tech support (three times total in five years) I get a hold of a real person who is knowledgeable and is able to fix my problem within one phone call.