Connect Talbot FAQs


When will the project start?

The project is currently underway. Please review our progress map (link both words to map) for details. We will update this information regularly.


How long will the project take?

This is a five-year project as it will cover up to 3,600 households across a large geographic footprint.


How will I know if my location will be getting service?

The project’s footprint and sources of funding has grown significantly since the original USDA ReConnect award. Please refer to the interactive map to see locations included in this project covered by the grant. For the initial USDA ReConnect project, the criteria for the grant led us to identify specific locations to maximize the likelihood of being awarded funding.


What if my location is not reflected accurately on the map?

Areas shown as currently having service available through other providers were determined on a best efforts basis. The project may be amended to correct improperly identified areas. Please join our mailing list and provide more details about your specific situation.


My location is not funded but is so close to a funded location – will it be considered?

As the project evolves, we will work to address possible options for these locations. Please join our mailing list and provide more details about your specific situation.


What does it mean if my area is not served and not on the map for this project?

We continue to pursue funding sources to consider future locations for extending broadband service. We will update the map with areas that will be added to the coverage area.


What services and speeds will be available?

Easton Velocity will install a 100% fiber network to provide high-speed internet service. There will be a variety of service options based on speed for customers to choose the level of service to best meet their needs. ONLY INTERNET AND PHONE SERVICES WILL BE PROVIDED AT THIS TIME.


How do I sign up?

Once service is available, we will provide information on how to sign up. At this time please feel free to join our mailing list to receive any updates. We look forward to serving you!


How much does this total project cost?

Since receiving the initial grant funding award from the USDA in July 2020, additional locations have been added to the project as well as various grant funding sources totaling over $30M. In total, the entire project will now provide access to 4,400 locations and is estimated to cost $40 million.


Where did the money come from?

Easton Utilities has been awarded numerous grants to extend broadband service to substantial portions of Talbot County with insufficient access (10Mbps/1Mbps). The initial grant of $13.1 million was awarded in July 2020 via the USDA’s ReConnect Program in their second round of funding. Since that time, the project’s footprint and sources of funding has grown significantly.


How much will it cost me personally?

Thanks to the Talbot County Council, the residents and business owners who subscribe to the new service will NOT need to contribute a Contribution In Aid of Construction (CIAC) fee. On March 22, 2022, the Council voted to designate $1.75 million of post-pandemic funding towards the customer contribution.*


What does this mean to me if I am already an Easton Velocity customer?

Current customers will maintain the same level of first-rate service from Easton Velocity. We will continue providing fast, reliable internet service backed by local, knowledgeable Tech Support professionals and exceptional customer service. Current customers will remain a priority!


Who is doing the work?

Easton Velocity, a service of Easton Utilities, will design, construct, own, operate, and maintain the infrastructure. There will be subcontractors involved following a comprehensive RFP selection process.


How can I stay informed of the status?

Up to date information about the progress of the project will be available at eastonvelocity.com/connecttalbot. We will continue to pursue grant funding to address other unserved areas of Talbot County not included for this specific project.


Why are you doing this project?

The ability to provide broadband access to residents and businesses with insufficient service in Talbot County positively impacts numerous quality of life issues including employment, healthcare, education, and social connections and helps drive economic prosperity. Access to broadband is essential in order to keep pace with the global economy and prepare citizens to compete in the modern world. Providing a network to improve the quality and availability of high-speed data services to as many businesses and residents is critical, now more than ever. As a community-owned, not-for-profit organization, Easton Utilities has a best in class reputation for delivering essential services and exceptional customer service.


Will this project cause any negative impacts to the environment?

This project will have minimal impact to the environment, if any. The project is designed to avoid impacts to wetlands, historic sites, preserved lands, or previously unimproved or undisturbed areas.


Who do I contact with questions?

All specific questions and requests for additional information should be directed to:
Kelly Simonsen, Marketing & Communications Manager for Easton Utilities
410-763-9465 | ksimonsen@eucmail.com


* Based on a single point of demarcation with standard construction methods and distances.



The project is a true partnership between the USDA, The State of Maryland, Talbot County, Easton Utilities, and the rural customer community.